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  • "Soccer Robots", its a Multi-Agent and Cooperative Robotics project being developed by the Intelligent...project from the Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica goal
  • cooperative robots for Robosoccer (with IEETA); competitions: Simulation League 3D (World Champion 2006
  • Government on the wine from Cooperative Wine Cellars of the region as a calling card! Inframoura Our Choice
  • and Technology. Financiamento : "Cooperative Research Projects do 6 Programa Quadro de IDT da Comisso
  • performs while also presiding over Plural a successful distribution cooperative, formerly known as
  • , sharing a cooperative model and aiming to exchange experiences among ultra-peripheral target...-regions, through the development of plans of action, shared
  • nervous system regeneration after a pre-conditioning injury to the peripheral nervous system Co-operative
  • ARCHITECTURES KEYWORDS: cooperative automotive and avionic applications (platooning, free-flight); systems of